Heidi Huff

Vice President, Business Partnerships
IGA, Inc.


Heidi Huff, IGA’s vice president of business partnerships, is responsible for creating strategic relationships between consumer product manufacturer brands, technology and service companies, and IGA corporate in ultimate service to the IGA retailers and their shoppers.
These relationships allow for investment, analytics, creative promotions, and emerging technology programs that drive local sales and advance IGA’s national presence in the grocery industry.
Heidi is a six year member of WGA Board of Directors, currently serving as vice president of membership, and a member of the NGA Foundation Board of Regents. She has held several marketing and branding management positions throughout her career, including roles as director of marketing for IGA and senior director of Red Oval Partnerships. Prior to IGA, she served as the operations manager for Building Leaders, Inc. and on the sales and development team at Corner Bakery Café.


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