Tyler Davis

Information Systems Specialist
Woodman's Markets


Tyler Davis brings nearly 15 years of experience working in every department at Woodman's Markets to his current position as IT Project Coordinator. In this role, Davis is spearheading the deployment of Badger Technologies autonomous robots at Woodman's Markets throughout Wisconsin and Illinois. These robots will monitor product availability, verify prices and deliver precise locations for more than 50,000 products at each Woodman's Markets location. Davis works closely with Badger Technologies' deployment personnel as well as Woodman's individual store teams to develop operational procedures that ensure seamless robot rollouts. Additionally, he is leading the effort to take advantage of real-time data collected by the robots while tracking and measuring results to inform business decisions about inventory, pricing and product location. The robots are part of a complete retail automation solution undertaken by Woodman's Markets to elevate store execution and improve customer shopping experiences.


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