Paul Adams

Paul Adams & Associates


Paul Adams resides in Olathe, Kansas. He started Paul Adams & Associates in 2002 after a 20 year career with the Fleming Companies where he had several responsibilities including heading-up its Retail Learning Center and serving as the coordinator of the company’s Retail Account Executive program. Prior to those responsibilities he was a retail counselor, Regional Director of Retail Training and Regional Director of Franchised Stores. Before Fleming, he served as store manager for a regional chain in Kansas City. His beginnings in the retail industry included working in his grandfather’s general store in the Missouri Ozarks town of Southwest City.
Paul Adams & Associates works mainly with independent food retailers and distributors throughout the United States, although it has some clients in other industries not related to food. The company also does occasional work with Japanese food distributors and retailers.
The main activities of his company are related to providing training and consulting processes for its clients. Two main workshop areas for food distributors include negotiating skills and sales training. For independent retailers, the kinds of training processes provided are varied, but they include leadership skills of various kinds, strategic initiatives, goal setting and measurement, basic financial management and customer service.


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