Cesar Rodriguez

Manager, Corporate Data Support
Vallarta Supermarkers


While attending High School back in the early 90’s, I landed a part time in the grocery industry not knowing that it would be come my career. I once read that if you find something you love to do you don’t have to work a single day on your life, I love computers, I love data, I strive to provide solutions based on the knowledge that I have and the technology that is available to us.

Since 1993 when I joined Vallarta Supermarkets, I have been involved in the Grocery industry, an opportunity to work in the data side came in the late 90’s , In early 2000 Vallarta Supermarkets purchased BRdata back office solutions and since then we have implemented multiple projects on different areas.

Currently working on cloud-based solutions, Sales, Ordering, Reports Category reviews and trends.


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