John Abbene

BRdata Software Solutions


During his 30+ year career at BRdata, John has worked specifically on developing software solutions and best practices for independent retailers and wholesalers in the grocery industry. He is persistently active with all aspects of the software business, immersed in software development, sales, implementations, client and employee relations. He stays engaged with all stakeholders, to ensure the company remains focused and committed to the client base, BRdata team, user group, growth as individuals and of the organization.
John sits as the chairman of the board of the BRdata User Group (BRUG), leading an advisory committee of seasoned grocery industry professionals, in addition to serving on the NGA board and ROFDA Retail Advisory Council. He is recent graduate from NYU’s Leadership and Management degree program. John lives in Long Island with his wife Mary and two daughters. In his spare time, he enjoys playing beach volleyball, golf, and lead guitar in a metal rock band.


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