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Make your luminaires IoT ready with LumenRadio's AirGlow!

LumenRadio provide ultra-reliable wireless mesh connectivity for the most business critical applications. With patented technologies, an unique operating system and ready products for smart lighting LumenRadio has a solution that works where others fail. Make your luminaires IoT ready with AirGlow!

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  • AirGlow
    AirGlow is a multi-standard lighting control solution compatible with both Bluetooth Mesh and LumenRadio’s patented ultra-reliable Mira Mesh. AirGlow makes your luminaires IoT ready in a matter of minutes but still enables uniques scaling possibilities.

  • AirGlow, our brand new multi standard lighting control solution, comes packed with powerful and easy-to-use features. Compatible with both Bluetooth Mesh and ultra reliable Mira Mesh, AirGlow is suitable for light control of individual rooms but also scalable to allow for full building light control.

    Due to AirGlow’s small size and versatile interfaces, it is ideal for integration both into luminaires as well as integration into standard gang or junction boxes.



    AirGlow is built on LumenRadio’s Mira technology. Mira provides a large-scale and easy-to-install wireless mesh network; combined with our patented technologies for FPCC (Future-Proof Coexistence Connectivity) and state of the art algorithms, Mira gives you features such as:

    • Ultra reliable Wireless meshed light control
    • Scalable from local Bluetooth Mesh to Mira Mesh with full IPv6 support for building control
    • Future-Proof multi standard support

    AirGlow gives you the unique features of dual DALI interfaces for control of LED drivers and concurrent multi sensor input from a wide variety of manufacturers.

    AirGlow comes with an app that simplifies commissioning of powerful light control features, no DALI commissioning needed. With the app, you can select pre-programmed modes such as:

    • Constant light
    • Presence/absence
    • Standard light switch dimming • Preset scenes
    • Astronomical time switch


    • Minimal footprint and extensive interfaces for easy integration into luminaire • Easy and hassle free commissioning for operation through app
    • Stand alone system, no need for cloud service or gateway for operation
    • Bluetooth Mesh and Mira Mesh multi standard support
    • 2 DALI interfaces for control of DALI driver/ballast and DALI sensor input • Full standard IPv6 support
    • Integrated DALI power supply on both interfaces
    • 0-10V analog control output
    • 2 standard switch inputs for scene select or manual dimming • Light control and commissioning through app
    • Live mains switching output


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