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United Kingdom
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LEDFlex team welcomes you to explore our new products.

LED Flex was founded by a team who are passionate about lighting and technology. We grow through creativity and innovation, and aim to make our products the most efficient and reliable on the market.

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    Ultimo High Lumen is the latest and brightest addition to our Neon Flex Range...

  • We pride ourselves with the Ultimo High Lumen Neon being one of the brightest on the market. It excels in its luminosity performance with just over to 1000 Lm/m, providing visibility and orientation - suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.

    To check out all the options as well as in-depth spec sheets, please have alook at the Product Page.

    The new Nano Profile is the perfect solution for extremely thin feature lights, being only 6 mm wide. It allows creating narrow but bright outlines, seamlessly integrated in both furniture and interior architectural elements.

  • The new Nano Profile is only 10 mm in height and 6 mm in width and features a thin 3.5 mm LED strip, emitting seamlessly diffused light along its full length. It comes in 2 variations: with and without recess wings, allowing flexibility in regards to application design. To see it live, drop by our stand where you can discover installation options and see it integrated in the exhibition furniture.

    The new RGB DC FLEX offers full RGB light control, while having the ability to emit bright tunable white light. This means the LED Flex can be used both for subtle and colourful feature lighting as well as bright Cold and Warm, mood altering light....

  • RGB DC FLEX features a powerful 5 in 1 LED chip , with the ability to emit bright Cold to Warm light as well as full spectrum coloured light.
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