Wisbech,  Cambridgeshire 
United Kingdom
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Anglia is an authorised distributor of lighting components

Anglia is the UK’s leading independent authorised distributor of electronics components.
Partners include LG, who will be demonstrating their flexible & rigid OLED products along with ST & Samsung ARTIK for IoT solutions.
LED products will be represented by both Cree & Stanley LED along with LED drivers by Efore & optic solutions by Polymer Optics

Brands: LG, Oled, Samsung ARTIK, Cree, Efore, ST, Stanley LED, Littelfuse, Polymer Optics,


  • Efore Strato programmable constant current driver
    The new STRATO EVO 40W is the only driver that combines wired and wireless RFID programmability, wide range output voltage and flicker-free operation in a super compact package smaller than
    a business card....

  • The new STRATO EVO 40W is the only driver that combines wired and wireless RFID programmability, wide range output voltage and flicker-free operation in a super compact package smaller than
    a business card.
    Features include,

    120/220-240/277 VAC
    DALI OR 0-10V

  • LG Luflex flexible & rigid OLED panels
    A range of rigid and Flexible paper thin OLED panels...

  • OLED is a thin, lightweight, and sometimes flexible surface light source. However the significance of this technology goes beyond its unique form factor. OLEDs provide a natural and pleasant light with low glare, no UV, and very little heat emission. Being a uniform surface light source by nature, OLEDs also reduces the hard edged shadows which can be a source of eye fatigue. In fact, several test results also show that actively reading under OLED light may actually cause lesser eye strain than our general surroundings. On top of all this, high level of color fidelity comes as a bonus.

    OLED benefits include,

    Eye Comfort

    Eye Comfort is a major factor in determining the quality of light. Luflex, LG OLED light panels emit extremely low levels of blue light without causing damage to the eyes. OLED light emits just 10% of the amount of blue light emitted by LED light with the same color temperature and luminance. Also, OLED light emits equally distributed light across the surface of the panel which generates more comfortable environment without any extra parts. With lower blue light levels and uniformity, OLED light also creates an environment much more conducive for concentration and offers an overall healthier environment for our eyes.

    Flexible and Paper-Thin

    Flexible and Paper-Thin Luflex, LG OLED light panels offer many advantages to artists, designers and architects that are not afforded by other light solutions. The ultra-thin (0.41mm for flexible, 0.88mm for rigid) and light-weight (20g for 100x100mm rigid) nature of Luflex, LG OLED light panels open up endless possibilities for artists, designers and architects to explore captivating designs. Also, the natural curve (R30mm) of the flexible panels, which enables panels to be attached easily on curved surfaces, allows for new design concepts that the world has never seen before.

  • Samsung ARTIK Smart IoT Platform
    Samsung ARTIK provides a range of modules to drive your IoT products. From the lowest level (the things) to controlling/monitoring hubs to display-based kiosks, there’s an ARTIK module that’s tailored for your needs....

  • The Samsung ARTIK end-to-end, integrated platform unifies hardware, software, cloud, security, and a partner ecosystem in a single offering.

    ARTIK does the heavy lifting so you can focus on differentiating your products and services. Reduce costs, time and risk.

    Developer friendly. Easier to use. Even teams without specialized IoT skills can get to work quickly, with greater productivity.

    ARTIK empowers developers with easy-to-use APIs and SDKs, extensive documentation and rich tools. It hides the complexity inherent in IoT behind open, enterprise-grade APIs.

    Samsung ARTIK enables any device to interact with any 3rd party device, app or service.

    When EVERYTHIING can work together – sharing data and interacting – you find new opportunities to improve and extend your business and customer solutions.

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