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Smart lighting controls without complication - HYtelligence!

Our latest ranges feature bluetooth enable microwave motion sensors and dimming controls, LED drivers and LED emergency kits. Space efficient combinations of these products are also available to suit almost any application. Come over and have a look at our stand where you can find out more about our innovative and cost efficient solutions, or just come for a friendly chat! Lux Live is a great opportunity to know each other better and learn more about how we can together provide cost effective solutions for you and your clients.

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  • Hytronik Smarti-Fi(TM)
    Trailing Edge dimmer featuring Bluetooth wireless technology...

  • Hytronik are pleased to announce our latest product launch from within our HYtelligence range of wireless lighting controls featuring Bluetooth wireless mesh technology.
    The featured product is a 150W trailing edge dimmer in a package designed to be installed within the space of a standard wall switch back box.  It features two switch inputs which can be configured for on/off, dimming or even scene recall from a standard momentary wall switch.  The inputs may even be connected to a standard on/off occupancy sensor which can then provide occupancy based dimming (sometimes known as corridor function).
    This extremely versatile device will add high end lighting control functionality to even the most humble of standard trailing edge fixtures.
    Set up and operation of the device is via our free to download APP, which may be used purely for commissioning or may be passed on to the end user for controlling the lighting with their smart device.
    Suitable for homes, hotels and many other applications.
    Each device may hold up to 32 preset scenes and automatic timer functions, and thanks to the wireless mesh technology they may be grouped, share switches, scenes and timing functions with minimal setup and wiring.  The benefits of wireless networking do not end there though. The range is supported by a DALI output model with 50 LED driver capacity, a 0-10V analogue dimming model and a simple on/off switch version.  All may be mixed on the same network, so whatever lights you stock as standard items have a good chance to be Hytronik Smarti-Fi enabled.
    Please contact your local Hytronik representative to see how you can Smarti-Fi your existing lighting range today!
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