Fabbian S.r.l

Castelminio di Resana, 
  • Booth: B26

Fabbian historical brand of lighting and high quality design

Fabbian was established in 1961 as a company manufacturing lighting appliances for home and contract. The longstanding tradition and expertise made it possible to conceive lamps of high quality.The company is based near Venice, where all collections are conceived, developed and manufactured.

Brands: lighting, design, made in italy, lamp, led, glass, crystal, pendant lamp, foor lamp, bespoke, custom made, homedecor, architecture, interior design, ceiling lamp, table lamp, indoor lighting


  • Olympic
    Olympic is a collection of round, white, coated aluminum pendants and wall and ceiling lights. The LED light source is located on the outer ring, which is available in different diameters for all versions, creating direct and indirect light diffusion....

  • A self-contained light ring with an aerial shape, inspired by the Olympic rings. A single ring can illuminate the environment by projecting its light as if moved by centrifugal force. When one or more light rings are connected to one another, the luminous sources interconnect creating a hierarchy of lights that clarifies the space. This light structure comprising circular blocks creates Olympic constructions in large contemporary spaces.

  • Freeline
    Freeline is made of black anodised aluminium and bronze bars, are available in three sizes for the suspension variant and one for the ceiling light. The suspension bars can be oriented for downward or upward illumination....

  • The idea behind Freeline is the need to reinvent light. Traditionally, the lighting - and thus furnishing - of a room has always been determined, and limited, by the position of the lighting point. Freeline overcomes this obstacle, allowing to start from the aesthetic design, and then choosing the lighting last. This modular system allows to create innovative shapes, independent from the lighting point position. In this context, the lighting becomes a strong decorative, yet functional element: the light is placed in the most fitting position, and it can also be moved at a later time.

  • Claque
    The Claque collection comprises different types of lamps. The pendant version is available in different lengths. The ceiling light is available as a fixed or adjustable spot light. In white and anodised bronze, they all feature a LED light source....

  • Claque series is inspired to the theatrical world, where the artists on stage are followed by lights that highlight their performances. In this context, the light becomes the star, by dramatizing or lightening a scene, and creating rhythm or suspense. In the same way, this ceiling light collection directs the light toward the element to be highlighted, illuminating the rest of the environment with a reflected beam.  Just as the “Claque”, the people paid to applaud or whistle, who can determine the enlightenment, or success, of a play.

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