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Vicentina (VI), 
  • Booth: K4

Entity is an international company that designs and manufactures electronics for industrial use and LED lighting, promoting the distinctive values of Made in Italy since 1989.  

The company offers a wide catalogue of standard LED solutions (modules/strips/drivers/converters,..) with customization possibilities.  

Entity has always stood out for its co-engineering service, which allows to cooperate closely with customers offering original technical solutions in defining projects; in fact “Realizing your ideas”, the payoff and commitment of the company. 

Brands: LED - modules - drivers- converters - power supply - LED design- Made in Italy - LED engines - controllers - DALI - DMX - interface - Xicato - Casambi


  • MULTIDRIVER48-Ideal for Stucchi low voltage track
    Entity has developed MULTIDRIVER48, the new driver 24-48V (in current with DALI, 1-10V and on/off outputs) is ideal also for insertion into the new low voltage track MULTISYSTEM adapter from A.A.G. Stucchi....

  • Available products are:

    • EN1572 MULTIDRIVER48 | DALI Vin = 24-48Vdc - Iout = 100mA – 700mA                                (4-ways Dipswitch for current setting) - DALI optosolated input
    • EN1573 MULTIDRIVER48 | 1-10V Vin = 24-48Vdc - Iout = 350mA, 500mA, 700mA
    • EN1573 MULTIDRIVER48 | ON/OFF Vin = 24-48Vdc - Iout = 350mA, 500mA, 700mA
    • EN1657 MULTIDRIVER48 | DALI tunable white Vin = 24-48Vdc - Vout = 24-48Vdc - DALI optosolated input
    • EN1610 MULTIDRIVER48 | DALI 2 current outputs Vin = 24-48Vdc - Iout = 100mA – 700mA    (4-ways Dipswitch for current setting) - DALI optosolated input                                                  Available in two versions:
      • outputs in series
      • outputs in parallel

    Main specifications:

    •  Input operating range 24-48Vdc
    •  Output operating range from 1V to Vin-5V
    •  Not polarized input
    •  Safety fuse
    •  Protection against voltage peaks
    •  Circuit for hot insertion
    •  Complete of 2-ways connector

    EN1612 is an innovative interface compatible with CASAMBI and XICATO bluetooth systems.
    EN1612 uses a DALI compatible protocol to control, from mobile, up to 4 independent channels....

  • Available products are:

    • EN1612 BRIDGE CASAMBI-DALI 24Vdc | 48Vdc 
    • EN1612 BRIDGE XICATO-DALI 24Vdc | 48Vdc


    • Voltage input from 24Vdc to 48Vdc
    •  DALI compatible output according to IEC 62386 standard, with integrated power supply line
    • Control of 4 independent channels or one RGBW system
    • Protection against input overvoltages and polarity reversal

    Entity offers a wide range of standard linear solutions on flexible or rigid PCB, Made in Italy, with customization possibilities. The solutions proposed by Entity distinguish themselves for the superior lighting efficiency....

  • Available products are:

    • EN1430 Strip 70 LED/mt 24Vdc | CRI>90 available 
      • Flexible Strip 70 LED/mt, 24Vdc, Lumileds®, CRI>90 available, supplied in 5mt reel,
        divisible every 100mm, UP TO 1.900 lm/mt

    Available in two versions:

    1.  I-LED 30mA, 7,2 W/mt, ~ 1.000 lm/mt
    2.  I-LED 60mA, 14,4 W/mt, ~ 1.900 lm/mt

    • EN1430 Strip 140 LED/mt 24Vdc | CRI>90 available
      • Flexible Strip 140 LED/mt, 24Vdc, Lumileds®, CRI>90 available, supplied in 5mt reel,
        divisible every 100mm, UP TO 3.800 lm/mt

    Available in two versions:

    1.  I-LED 30mA, 14,4 W/mt, ~ 2.000 lm/mt
    2.  I-LED 60mA, 28,8 W/mt, ~ 3.800 lm/mt

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