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ELT is a Spanish business group specialised in the design, manufacture and marketing of lighting systems and components bringing advanced technological solutions to the market covering connectivity, remote street lighting management, customised engineering projects and system interoperability.

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  • STELARIA CityScope®
    STELARIA CityScope® is the new street lighting remote control system by ELT. With CityScope® and by using a radio frequency network and a PC software interface, the user can manage the street lighting in the local area in real time....

  • STELARIA CityScope is a remote monitoring and control system for street lighting for use at local level, forming part of the ecosystem of solutions and tools based on STELARIA. It is designed to cover the need to control and monitor small- and medium-sized street lighting installations through an unlicensed RF band communications network and a PC-based user interface.

    STELARIA CityScope easily and intuitively controls and monitors an entire street lighting installation by means of a PC-installed software interface to which an RF transmitter connects.

    STELARIA reaches its highest level of service and full functionalities when operating lighting fixtures equiped with ELT’s eSMART compatible LED Drivers connected to STELARIA network nodes. Other configurations are possible on demand.


     - Street and residential lighting

    - Urban & architectural lighting

    - Industrial and sport infrastructures

    - Agricultural lighting

    Complete solution, high level of service STELARIA CityScope is marketed as a complete solution provided with a high level of service and individualized by project.

    Each STELARIA CityScope implementation project will be carefully analyzed and designed by qualified ELT personnel and adapted to every particular need.

    ELT offers technical advisory support and planning for the lighting management, engineering and project development as well as technical support for the implementation and commissioning of the system.

    STELARIA CityScope implementation includes a training plan for the operators and administrators, as well as technical support, updates and maintenance of the management and communications system.

  • ELT Upulse®
    Smart lighting at your fingertips....

  • This tool is a mobile app with integrated Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology, available for Android, which can quickly and easily adjust the light to the personal and/or professional needs of the client.

    By means of an intuitive interface, the user can save and change lighting settings and scenes at any time, via their smartphone or tablet. In a matter of seconds, the application selects the combination of lights, colours and intensities required, storing them for fast access.

    In addition to this smart, wireless lighting control, the application, which has been fully developed by ELT's expert software team, includes the ‘Human Centric Lighting’ setting, recommended for optimised lighting levels, with the aim of achieving the maximum level of visual comfort for the user.

    The application moreover offers a professional version, Upulse PRO®. This allows the client to manage lighting fixtures individually or by groups, set up and use profiles as well as monitor operational parameters in real time.

  • iMonitor®
    Programming and monitoring or urban lighting installations....

  • It is a mobile wireless solution with proprietary technology, based on Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), designed to programme and monitor professional urban lighting installations for outdoor and industrial applications. It is compatible with a lot of ELT drivers, from 25 to 150W, and in IP20 and IP67 versions.

    Some of the characteristics of this solution designed for managers and maintenance technicians are:

    • Immediate location of nearby lighting fixtures
    • Real time light flow regulation
    • Real time monitoring of essential parameters such as consumption, temperatures or voltage
    • Creation of personal lighting profiles
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