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Brands: Profiles, Diffusors, elkaLED, elkaFLEX seal, elkaFLEX linear, elkaLEIDOSCOPE, elkaTEC


    Anti-glare prismatic on extruded diffusor profiles...

  • elkaLEIDOSCOPE combines the versatility of a di usor profi le with the optical properties of a prism plate. The
    rolled micro prism generate an excellent glare suppression with unparalleled uniform light distribution and thus
    support a UGR < 19.
    The structure is transferred by means of a roller during the extrusion process. In this manner, subsequent processing
    steps, such as the insertion of a special prism plate, can be avoided. elkaLEIDOSCOPE can thus be
    used on almost all profi le contours – both for polycarbonate (PC), and for polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA).
    In addition to a brilliant, transparent surface, elkaLEIDOSCOPE is also available in combination with elkaLED
    for use in LED lights.
  • elkaFLEX seal
    Diffusors with integrated sealing...

  • elkaFLEX is a specially-developed soft material permanently combined in the extrusion process with the materials ABS, PC and PMMA. elkaFLEX seals lamp housings securely and provides reliable protection against dust, dirt, water and insects. Its high degree of flexibility facilitates new ideas in design, shape and function.
  • elkaFLEX linear
    Flexible plastic diffusors delivered on rolls...

  • elkaFLEX linear is a flexible, PMMA based material developed by our experts. Thanks to its extraordinary flexibility, the plastic can be used in many and diverse ways. As the diffuser profiles can be rolled up, they can be individually cut to length before installation. This avoids visible joints in the final application. The previously unequalled flexibility of elkaFLEX linear also opens up new design options.
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