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Light Addicted

Everything comes from an idea which shortly becomes a product.

Every fixture shape is based on the purpose it is made for. Therefore each fitting is entirely designed and manufactured ex novo. In this way we can improve the performances of a specific LED.

One of the fundamentals in DGA is to guarantee a very high quality product. This is the reason why the manufacturing process is almost entirely managed internally.

A big advantage is the flexibility which is essential for realizing customised fixtures.     

DGA can satisfy the requirements of its customers, lighting designers and architects, revising and improving its products and creating new ones.

We do create lighting systems for enhancing the whole environment but also able to create the ideal focus on each particular, even on the smallest one.

DGA shapes, sustains and highlights the space, by spending the maximum care possible to all points which the beauty and the emotion concentrate on.





  • Cometa Q4
    DGA thinnest linear profile: 4,5mm x 4,5mm only and high efficacy LED technology....

  • Everything disappears with Cometa Q4 except for the light, the only visible element. The extreme thinness
    of the profile, which is unique in the market, allows the connection in parallel of several bars together and
    creates a slightest line of light, infinite and homogeneous. This product, extremely miniaturized within its 4,5mm x 4,5mm profile, is available with 2 different powers: 8W/m and 14W/m and several lenghts up to 200cm. Thanks to its high colour rendering, this product is perfect for Museum and Retail applications.

  • Armonia
    DGA linear profile characterized by a modular system which combines diffuse light, modules with lenses and spots for the accent lighting....

  • To control the light of an exhibition in a precise way, it is necessary to use a modular system that mixes diffuse and accent light. Armonia is designed to meet this requirement, combining an LED bar for diffuse light to modules with lenses and spots for accent lighting. People who look for an ad hoc solution can choose their own personal configuration. Armonia is a totally customable product available with several configurations, fixing systems, modules with lenses from the 10° to the 60° and elliptical.

  • Cometa Q8
    LED linear profile characterized by its small dimensions: only 8mm x 8mm for diffuse and homogenous light....

  • Small body and high performances: Cometa Q8 is a small profile so thin to be perfectly integrated into any kind of project. It is characterized by a high efficacy technology enshrined in a small profile of 8mm only. The light is homogenously diffused and keeps unchanged its efficacy even up to 3 meters length. The light source is almost invisible within the profile so that the attention is focused on the details of the architecture only. Thanks to its thinness and elegance, Cometa Q8 can perfectly integrate into all contexts.
  • Mini Tini B 24V
    Tiny Efficacy: small projector for low voltage tracks characterized by a high quality LED technology and several optics....

  • A tiny concentrate of technology in your hands: very small dimensions and high performances concentrated in a unique and elegant turned product. Mini Tini B 24V is a track mounting fixture for low voltage tracks and, thanks to its particular flexibility and adjustability, itis the ideal fixture for retail and museums. Mini Tini B 24V is a very efficient product available with four optics: 10°, 25°, 40° and 60°.

  • Tono B 24V
    Small and elegant projector fow low voltage tracks: Tono B 24V is extremely adjustable and available even with 3° super narrow beam....

  • Tono B 24V is a small-sized spotlight for low voltage track. The product is available with several optics and a super narrow beam, 3° lens, designed to highlight with precision the smallest detail. The compact size, optics, and low glare system make Tono B 24V a perfect product to light up exhibition areas. Available with different powers and finishes, this track mounting projector is characterized by an essential and elegant design.
  • Tono Super AF
    Small, powerful and refined: Tono Super AF is a trimless recessed downlight supplied with a high visual comfort....

  • Tono Super AF is a recessed fixtures for trimless installation. The 70mm deep recessed light source, almost invisible, eliminates any risk of glare and light dispersion. The small dimensions make it an ideal fixture for all contexts where the lighting needs to be discrete and highly controlled. The several optics, including a 3° super narrow beam, and finishes available allow Tono Super AF to be suitable for any kind of location.
  • Spillo IP67
    Technological firefly: Spillo is an IP67 stick for outdoor use characterized by a soft and diffuse light emission....

  • Bright and free-standing stick for ground installation, very easy to install. Spillo’s purpose is to light up walls, hedges and small trees with its soft haloes of light. It is available with two powers, 1W and 2W, and three different heights, 250mm, 400mm and 550mm.This product is a suitable solution for highlighting architectural and plants details. The refined “firefly” effect is very functional and poetic, awakening ancient emotions and suggestions.
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