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We are Calex

It seems so simple. If you need light, you turn it on. But there is more to it than that. Calex is a creative brand with lighting solutions for everyone. Whether you are looking for decorative lighting to decorate your home or looking to replace your current light plan, we can help! Our passion for lighting and ambiance, and the drive to remain innovative in that area, dates back to 1970. Since then, we try to make interiors more impressive, smarter and more pleasant every day.

Calex, your specialist for lighting and ambiance!


  • XXL Titanium Series
    Design chic at its best! With different shapes, a variety of larger sizes and a mysterious mirror-like titanium coating, this series creates a serious design statement wherever it’s displayed....

  • E27 Fitting

    60-200 Lumen

    2200 Kelvin


  • XXL Gold Series
    This series has different shapes, all large, all gold. The classic gold coating makes these lamps look graceful and atmospheric in every interior....

  • E27 Fitting
    130-800 Lumen
    2200 Kelvin

  • Small Decorative
    The light sources in this category make your home or venue stand out. Whether you choose a combination or a separate one, these light sources provide an attractive addition to any interior....

  • E14+E27 Fitting
    100-600 Lumen
    2100-2200 Kelvin


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