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Artistic Licence - the industry expert in lighting control.

Established in 1988, Artistic Licence designs & manufactures lighting control products. Our range also covers test equipment & data distribution, and we are a major supplier of OEM solutions worldwide. We are the inventors of the Art-Net ethernet lighting protocol. Our expertise also covers DMX, RDM, DALI & sACN.

Brands: protocols, data, splitters, dimmers, LED, lightJuice, PoE, Art-Net, DMX, DMX512, RDM, DALI, ethernet, sACN, Light Bytes, OEM, PCB, moody, versaSplit, dVnet, DIN rail, lighting, control, pixel


  • versaSplit mini
    versaSplit mini is a desktop/truss mount mains powered DMX512 distribution system. The product is a splitter/fixer with six XLR5 outputs and a modular input – choose between DMX, CRMX or Art-Net & sACN. Features ground referenced outputs. ...

  • versaSplit mini is a multi-functional modular DMX distribution system that promises to be the lighting control industry’s equivalent of a Swiss Army knife. 

    versaSplit mini is housed in a compact metal case, suitable for desktop or truss mounting via an adapter. It comes with an inter-changeable input module, allowing the user to select between DMX/RDM, Ethernet (Art-Net & sACN) or CRMX wireless DMX input.

    The product features 6 splitter outputs, fitted with 5-pin XLR connectors. Moreover, all the input modules allow the user to switch to a ‘fix mode’ if any flickering is encountered. 

    The beauty of the product is that all the input modules can be purchased separately, making versaSplit mini an extremely versatile and future-proof investment. 

  • Rail-DALI-DMX
    Rail-DALI-DMX provides a bridge between architectural control and entertainment lighting. It enables control of DMX fixtures directly from a DALI controller....

  • Rail-DALI-DMX enables control of DMX fixtures directly from a DALI controller. The product converts one circuit of DALI into DMX512, with the option to select between 'ballast mode' (simulates fixtures with all the features of actual DALI ballasts) and 'trigger mode' (triggers a DMX playback device).

  • Rail-DMX-DALI
    Rail-DMX-DALI enables a DMX controller to work with DALI fixtures....

  • Rail-DMX-DALI is an intelligent controller that can convert up to 256 channels of DMX for use with DALI ballasts.

    It provides simultaneous conversion for:

    1) Channels
    2) Groups
    3) Scenes

    With these three options it enables users to overcome the speed differences between DMX and DALI by using groups and scenes to control multiple ballasts with a single command. In addition the channels and groups can be selected to a true broadcast mode to each one of the four outputs.

    For any configuration a conversion of the 'dimming curve' can take place. DALI uses an exponential type curve while DMX uses a linear curve. If there are the two types of dimmers a conversion between the two types will be needed to match the fade profiles.

    This product requires a 9V to 24V PSU. The DALI circuit requires a DALI Bus PSU. An example of this is Rail-PSU-D4.