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EMSEd™ by Pocket Nurse®: solutions for EMS educators.

EMS Ed™ by Pocket Nurse® is a leading manufacturer and distributor of medical supplies and equipment for simulation in EMS training. Pocket Nurse has been a trusted partner in EMS, nursing, pharmacy, and allied healthcare education since 1992. At the JEMS Conference & Exposition, we are featuring the EMSEd First-in Bag, developed in collaboration with EMS professionals. To view our complete line of products, visit us at www.PocketNurse.com. 

EMSEd by Pocket Nurse strives to be a valuable partner to those who have made it their life’s work to educate the EMS professionals of the future. We offer comprehensive simulation and educational medical supplies for EMS training and allied healthcare education programs. 

Our mission at EMSEd is to continue to develop and source simulation and medical supply solutions to address the needs of EMS educators through collaboration, building trust, and evolving with industry needs.

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No-Stain Blood
First-In Bag

 Press Releases

  • MONACA, Pa., Jan. 8, 2018 – Pocket Nurse® announced Tuesday that 2018 was the most successful year in the company’s history. “In 27 years, we’ve never experienced earnings like we did in 2018,” said Senior Vice President William Evanson. “Not only did we exceed our prior earnings, but we exceeded our expectations as well.”

    According to Vice President of Finance Nancy Gilkey, Pocket Nurse surpassed its annual goals by more than 11 percent. Several strategies are associated with the company’s success. Vice President of Sales Aaron Vicari attributes the accomplishments of the company to the expanding product offerings as well as a focus on growth.

    “We’re fortunate for Pocket Nurse’s current stability,” said Vicari. “Rather than working to maintain stability, we are able to put our efforts toward growth and expansion.”

    Senior leadership expects double-digit growth in 2019. Pocket Nurse broke ground on a new wing of their distribution facilities for the company’s expanding role in manufacturing.

    President and Founder Anthony Battaglia, MS, BSN, RN is certain of his company’s continued success far into the future because “we will continue to do everything to support healthcare educators and the advancement of simulation.”

    “We appreciate our success, but our goal is always to improve patient outcomes by supporting simulation in education,” said Battaglia.  

    About Pocket Nurse

    Pocket Nurse is nurse owned and operated and has been a trusted partner in simulation education for nursing, EMS, pharmacy technology, and allied health since 1992. We provide over 5,000 simulation solutions to healthcare educators nationwide. We’re proud of our role in improving patient outcomes by enhancing suitable learning environments for future healthcare professionals.


  • SA Finger Stick Kit
    The most realistic finger stick and blood glucose testing product on the market, SA Finger fits over a mannequin or standardized patient's finger. Use to train for obtaining glucose data during simulation....

  • This single-size, overlay finger model with an internal plastic guard that prevents puncture injury by standard lancets can be used over the thumb of women and certain fingers of males or manikins. An injection port allows refilling and multiple uses with a solution that will activate most glucometers. This allows training on your own glucometers and use of the SA Finger overlay in progressive scenarios for simulations on diabetes. For learners of all levels, the SA Finger overlay model can be used to:

    • Train for performing blood finger punctures
    • Teach how to use a glucometer
    • Demonstrate the process of obtaining glucose data during simulation

    SA Finger overlay is reusable, disposable, and adapts easily to individualized educational needs.

    The SA Finger Stick kit includes:

    • Three reusable SA Finger overlays
    • Three 2-oz. mixing bottles
    • Clear, detailed instructions on how to use SA Finger overlay and mix customized "blood" solutions
  • RealLifeSim Adult IV Task Trainer
    The RealLifeSim Standard IV task trainer is a single or multi-vessel product worn by a person or placed on a manikin to simulate vascular access with enhanced realism....

  • Features include:

    • Realistic simulated skin with soft durable microfiber lining near the arm.
    • Loop and hook straps or elastic straps to fit a variety of sizes and locations.
    • Puncture-proof base.
    • Sustained skin integrity for >200 puncture attempts using 20g or smaller IV catheters in a variety of insertion sites.
    • Multiple vessel placement options for a variety of insertion sites to simulate a range of clinical situations.

    The IV Trainer is also available in Pediatric and Infant Sizes.

    The Veins can be purchased separately and come in Standard, Narrow, Long and Flow Through.

    For more information visit www.PocketNurse.com

  • EMSEd™ First-In Bag
    As part of our initiative to provide solutions to the EMS community, we have developed a line of solutions that contain the equipment listed in the NREMT Integrated Out of Hospital (IOOH) Scenario Essay to Skills Examiner....

  • KEMP Ultimate EMS Backpack includes the following modules:

    • Airway Module
    • Medication Module
    • Simulated Patient Care Module
    • Trauma Module
    • EMS Assessment Module
    • Vascular Module
    • Diagnostic Module

    For a full list of the products included in each module, visit: https://www.pocketnurse.com/default/01-44-0115-pocket-nurser-ems-ed-first-in-bag

  • No-Stain Blood
    No-Stain Blood was developed because of customer demand. This moulage accessory is designed for use in all types of medical scenarios and first responder simulation exercises....

  • No-Stain Blood can be used alone or with any type of special effects makeup. Add it to latex, silicone, and gel wounds.

    • This product will not stain textiles, manikins, or skin.
    • It washes off with soap and water.
    • Heavily blood-soaked clothes should be washed separately in a washing machine.
    • DO NOT place in direct contact with eyes.
    • Non-toxic (safe for human consumption)
    • Volume: 32 oz.

    Developed in partnership with moulage company, train4REAL, and exclusively distributed by Pocket Nurse. 

  • Demo Dose® Naloxon Narcn Response Kit
    Demo Dose® Naloxon is indicated to teach the complete or partial reversal of opioid depression, including respiratory depression, induced by natural and synthetic opioids....

  • Therapeutic Class: Antidote 
    Volume: 2 mL 
    Strength: 2 mg/2 mL 
    Demo Dose® 
    Naloxon is indicated to teach the complete or partial reversal of opioid depression, including respiratory depression, induced by natural and synthetic opioids, including propoxyphene, methadone and certain mixed agonist-antagonist analgesics: nalbuphine, pentazocine, butorphanol, and cyclazocine. Naloxon is also indicated for the diagnosis of suspected or known acute opioid overdose. Naloxon may be useful as an adjunctive agent to increase blood pressure in the management of a septic shock simulation. 

    MAS, Mucosal Atomization Device
    Demo Dose Naloxon, 2 mL 2 mg/2 mL Bristoject (Contains water)
    Reusable zipper pouch
    Pair of NirtoDerm® Orange nitrile exam gloves (Medium)
    (1) Pocket Nurse® CPR Face Shield


  • Simulaids SimVS Prehospital Transport
    An economical platform for realistic simulation in different settings such as hospital, pre-hospital, and respiratory therapy. Use across multiple settings with both standardized participants (SPs) or manikins....

  • Details

    An economical platform for realistic simulation in different settings such as hospital, pre-hospital, and respiratory therapy. Use across multiple settings with both standardized participants (SPs) or manikins. Instructor's tablet controls the physiological displays of three types of monitor interfaces: defibrillator, hospital monitor, and mechanical ventilator. Two-way wireless communication allows instructors to monitor student decisions during simulation. Built-in checklists allow performance capture for structured debriefing. Instructors can control up to (10) tablets at the same time. High-resolution display and ​built-in validated scenario library for many disciplines allows efficient use of faculty time

    Easy to Use

    • Devices automatically connect
    • Easily navigate through programmed or on-the-fly scenarios
    • Wide control over physiology transitions

    Scenario Flexibility

    • Comprehensive scenario library for nursing, EMS, and respiratory therapy
    • Easy-to-use scenario editor allows rapid creation of new scenarios or editing of existing ones
    • Community Server function allows scenario sharing across organizations

    Realistic Physiology and Controls

    • Over (200) cardiac and respiratory waveforms
    • Display (12) leads and X-rays
    • Adjustable alarms
    • Instructors see student's choice
    • Multi-device control
    • Portability and multiple monitor types allow in-situ and IPE scenarios
    • Contains complete (50) scenario T3 library (SB51912), (10) EMS transport scenarios, and three (3) hours of benchmark videos
    • Includes three (3) Android tablets, router, defibrillator bag, and license

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