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A leading supplier of industrial noise protection, worldwide

BBM Akustik Technologie

Leading suppliers of industrial noise protection, worldwide 

Our services comprise acoustic engineering, manufacture, delivery and mounting of air intake Systems, large-scale silencers, acoustically optimized facades and enclosures, exhaust systems and engine exhaust silencers, all over the world. We specialize on new equipment as well as retrofit projects.

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  • Range of services

    - Practical measurement of

    the through-flow


    - Flexible test facility management

    - Suitable for silencers with connection

    dimensions in excess of two meters

    - Accurate measurements, including for

    frequencies at the lower threshold of


    - Qualifying measurements of nonabsorbing

    reflection silencers

    - Measurement of very low sound levels based

    on the extremely high sound attenuation of the

    measurement booths

    - Determination of the limiting

    attenuation of silencers

    - Practical simulation of installed conditions

    using variable sound source positioning and

    non-reflecting terminations


    - Validation of performance parameters by

    measured results

    - Verification of silencer quality demands

    - Summary of the results in the test

    record / test report

    - Tested and documented quality to

    benefit our customers


  • Blow-off Silencers
    Our silencers can be found in many industries; on HRSG boilers, all kinds of fired boilers, and all types of power plants. For temporary applications (e.g. steam purging of pipes before plant start-up), we provide suitable blow-off silencers for rent.

    • Safety valve silencers
    • Vent silencers
    • Start-up silencers
    • Snort valve silencers
    • Control valve silencers
    • Natural gas silencers
    • Special solutions
  • Enclosures
    As a leading supplier of industrial noise control BBM Akustik Technologie offers enclosures for all kind of noise sources:
    •Gas turbines
    •Steam turbines
    •other industrial applications

  • For the reduction of noise made by machines and mechanical

    units, we deliver acoustic enclosures, tailor-made for the particular situation, for both indoor and outdoor use. We place highest value on stable, long-life design, ease in dismantling, and high acoustic effectiveness. If desired, we deliver the enclosure including entire electrical installation, ventilation system as well as other accessories according to the clients’ requirements.

  • Flue-gas silencers
    We supply the whole range of silencers behind the gas turbine and for all kind of boilers. BBM Akustik Technologie has executed several hundred projects worldwide with the most stringent requirements....

  • For the gas turbine side, we offer all ›hot‹ silencers, either in the horizontal duct downstream the gas turbine diffuser, in HRSG inlet duct, or in the bypass system for every GT size and temperatures up to 700 °C. For the cold side behind the HRSG, we design silencers in the outlet duct and in the main stack. Dimensions and materials are selected as per specification. We can supply the absorptive splitters, or both the splitters and the casing with all requested accessories
  • Engine Exhaust Silencers
    We supply an entire range of silencers for diesel and natural gas engines. We supply customised intake and exhaust flow silencers for every type of industrial application....

  • Silencers can be designed to fit the shape of any casing (round, rectangular, or oval), using a wide range of materials. Inlets and outlet will be arranged as required by the customer.

    BBM spark arrestors

    On request, our silencers can be equipped with integrated spark arrestors. These specially developed arrestors - certified by Det Norske Veritas - feature the following characteristics:

    •    Compact design
    •    High separation of particles
    •    Best solution for maritime and off-shore applications
    •    Easy cleaning of collection chamber
    •    Good flow distribution for low pressure drop

    Acoustic design and calculation

    We design silencers with an attenuation range of 10 to 60 dB(A). The silencers can be the absorbing, resonator, or reactive type, and in most cases a combination of these. Acoustic and velocity/pressure drop calculations for each design have to be executed in parallel to get the most optimised result. We also offer space-saving solutions.

    Our acoustic designs include optimised solutions for the entire system. BBM Akustik Technologie guarantees the entire system, based on our R&D and site measurements.
  • Cooling Tower Silencers
    BBM Akustik Technologie supplies silencers for water re-cooling systems based on wet or dry cooling, fresh-water cooling or any combinations of these. These silencers are used in cooling towers that work by natural draught or by forced air....

  • In natural draught wet-cooling towers the noise is caused mainly by the impact of the cooling water falling on the surface of the water basin. The spectral components are usually above 500 Hz. In the case of fan-operated wet-cooling towers, the fan is the dominant source of noise in the frequency range up to 500 Hz. Depending on the level, the spectral distribution of the noise and the distance to the nearest residential area, the noise is most efficiently attenuated by barriers up to 15 dB or by splitter type silencers up to 40 dB.

    Sound protection hoods for the fan drive units complete the product range for noise control measures in cooling towers.

    Our silencer design, with respect to acoustic and fluidic design, represents a balanced compromise between the initial cost and subsequent operating costs. BBM Akustik Technologie has several testing labs, as well as the most modern measuring, analysing and data processing equipment, to optimise both the acoustic and aerodynamic performance of our cooling tower silencers. The know-how gained from numerous delivered projects enables us to implement the highest acoustic requirements.

    The splitter silencers for cooling towers are manufactured at our plant in Germany using state-of-the-art equipment. The splitter frames are usually made of salt-water resistant aluminium in unibody construction for heights up to 12 m. The necessary static and dynamic stability of the silencer is obtained by optimal forming and by connecting several splitters to create a very stable splitter block.
  • Exhaust Systems
    BBM Akustik Technologie, Germany is one of the leading suppliers of complete exhaust systems. We offer the whole package: design, engineering, fabrication, assembly – worldwide....

  • We design for a wide range of heavy duty gas turbines for the highest acoustic requirements with optimized pressure loss and limited heat transfer and at the same time we all constantly improving quality and price level.
    Most of our design work is executed in house, static and mechanical design, FEM, pressure loss, thermal and CFD calculations.
  • Retrofit and upgrades
    BBM Akustik Technologie, Germany is one of the leading suppliers for complete retrofit and upgrade projects, including all inspections, design, engineering, fabrication, dismantling of existing structures and assembling of new supplied exhaust products....

  • BBM Akustik Technologie’s retrofit and upgrade concepts include a broad range of solutions where we apply the latest development of our exhaust technology.

    We offer for our solutions:

    •             Duct work

    •             Silencers

    •             Expansion joints

    •             Internal insulation (for acoustic and thermal)

    •             Diverter (in cooperation)

    •             Support structure

    •             Claddings

    •             Accessories as there are stairs, platforms, controls, other requirements

    For all equipment that is not in our core competence we have first class cooperation with sub-suppliers.

    BBM scope of supply

    We offer customised solutions which include:

    •             Site investigations

    •             Project management

    •             All requested calculations

    •             Basic and detail design

    •             Procurement

    •             Fabrication

    •             Tests and inspections

    •             Transport

    •             Site organisation

    •             Installation work and services

    •             Start up and operation control

    •             Documentation and manuals

    BBM design, planning and calculations

    BBM Akustik Technologie holds a complete team of engineers and technicians for the management, design, engineering, quality control and project processing.

    Nearly all projects are developed in a 3-D (CAD) model. The use of this software enables us to check all critical parts to allow a tailor-made detailed engineering.

    Software tools for time scheduling and planning are used in all stages of the project.

    FEM and CFD calculations are required to execute the most difficult solutions and most of them are done in house.

    Our special BBM Akustik Technologie know-how is based on research conducted at our in-house test facilities and on extensive field measurements for new materials, performances, solutions and combinations of new ideas to optimise installations.

    Overall concept and optimisations

    BBM Akustik Technologie develops projects focusing on reliability, flexibility, efficiency and quality. All projects are done in very close cooperation with our customers. Competent engineers use all required computer programs to optimise the gas turbine exhaust systems. Disassembling and removal of existing products, installation and commissioning of the new exhaust system are done under the aspects of time and cost optimisation.

    World-wide supply and installation

    Specialized teams of BBM Akustik Technologie’s own staff or as combined team with our partners take care of installation and supervision works worldwide. Our specialists will guide you through all stages of the project.

    Our onsite inspection services are available at all sites.

    What’s in it for you?

    •             Guarantee on acoustic and mechanical performance

    •             A competent BBM team for all project stages

    •             Performance improvement

    •             Scheduled project implementation

    •             Optimised and fixed prices and time schedule

    •             Inspections and documentation

    •             Close cooperation with customer

    •             Short replacement time

    •             Long equipment service time

    •             High availability of assets

    •             Cost reduction in operation, maintenance and service

    •             All design and calculations done in-house

    •             Quality project management

    We will accompany you

    throughout the entire project

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