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Pioneering Grid Reliability

Franklin Grid is providing value to customers with products that:

Enable reduction in outage minutes

Extend the life of legacy assets

Extend maintenance intervals

Provide data to CVR, VAR flow, and other system operations programs

Detect revenue theft and measure power quality

Brands: INCON OPTIMIZER3 Circuit Breaker Performance Monitor INCON 1250 LTC Status Monitor GRIDSENSE TIQ Distribution Transformer Monitor GRIDSENSE Line IQ Intelligent Line Sensor & Fault Detector


    LIQ-60 is a fault detector but so much more. It is rated to 138kV and transmits continuous line data to your SCADA system. It is solar powered and transmits fault types, waveform data, conductor temperature, ambient temperature, voltage, and current....

  • The LineIQ-60 Intelligent Line Sensor (referred to as LIQ) provides line fault indication and intelligent remote monitoring.  In the market since 2001, the LIQ-60 represents excellent value and features that no other vendor offers:

    1. The LIQ-60 is solar powered.  Sensor functions normally during power interruption or on lightly-loaded lines.
    2. The LIQ-60 is rated to 138 kV- double the specified rating, making it useful for more feeders and sub-transmission.
    3. Ambient and conductor temperature are measured separately for dynamic rating of lines
    4. Line current measurements to 25,000 amps with full DC offset; far greater than the 800 amps specified
    5. The LIQ-60 will not nick or otherwise damage conductors, reducing problems of corona discharge
    6. The LIQ-60 maintains IP66 rating during installation so internal parts are not compromised if installed during stormy weather.
    7. The LIQ-60 gateway is solar-powered, will support up to 12 sensors, and provides communications stability & flexibility
    8. The LIQ-60 is a refined and proven design, released in 2001 with over 3700 three-phase systems in service world-wide.

    System Operators:

    RMS Load Current: Accuracy 2% of reading, +/- 1A, up to 85 days
    Voltage Status: On or off, levels up to 138kV, 45 to 65Hz
    Event Capture: Voltage and Current for 60 seconds, sample rate- Current 1200Hz, Voltage 600Hz, up to 100+ events
    Fault current: RMS up to 25kA, wave form for 240mS encapsulating the fault, up to 32+ waveforms
    Time Voltage Off: Time of voltage return and outage duration
    Fault Location
    a) Simple on/off indicating lights and fault magnitude for single faults
    b) Changes in fault current magnitude and timing of change for secondary faults, Power Factor: On each phase
    Load Balance: Over 3 phases
    Conductor Temperature: Up to +257 ˚F +/- 1°F, for real-time rating

    Maintenance Personnel:
    Temporary Faults/Recloser Operation: Spasmodic without lockout, indicating a more imminent, permanent fault situation

    Protection Engineers:
    Protection Timing: Timing in relation to levels of fault current and wave shape

    Design Engineers:
    Measurements to compare performance against design criteria for loading, power factor, balance, etc.

    Regulator Reporters:
    Power Time Off: To compile and report statistical performance data such as SAIDI, CAIDI and SAIFI indices against regulatory standards

    The TIQ-P5 is monitors one or more transformer tanks. All input and output connections are made through water-tight connectors. Applications
    include residential and industrial transformer monitoring, and feeder switch monitoring....

  • Comprehensive Distribution Transformer Intelligence

    Designed for quick, live installation and equipped with an on-board, no-maintenance

    power source, TransformerIQ provides the in-depth data you need to protect against

    overload, quickly diagnose and resolve maintenance issues, improve fault restoration

    time, optimize asset utilization, and predict remaining asset life.

    With the increase in EVs and more volatile renewables entering the grid, the distribution

    system grows more vulnerable, and the threat of overload increases. Protect the grid, identify

    its vulnerabilities, and maximize its efficiency.

    Gain operational information:

    - Protect against overload and imbalance

    - Accurately determine end-of-line voltage

    - Smooth the integration of EVs and

    PVs into the grid

    - Monitor transformer efficiency to quantify volt/VAR efforts

    - Perform power factor correction with fourquadrant measurement of true power factor

    Improve outage management:

    - Improve fault isolation time with line fault information

    - Set transformer alarms for temperature, overload, and voltage sag/swell

    Identify major power quality issues

    - Voltage and current harmonics through to the 31st harmonic on each A, B, and C phase

    - Voltage sag/swell

    - Alarm notifications for harmonic content

    - THD on the voltage and current waveforms

    Intelligence From Every Link in Your Transformer Chain

    Residential Transformer Monitoring

    Draw deep, valuable intelligence from your vast network of padmount and poletop transformers.

    On the residential scale, you’ll protect from overloading in EV and PV situations. You’ll have

    the information needed to quantify and optimize volt/VAR efforts. With line fault information

    at your fingertips, you’ll improve fault isolation time as alarms provide early warning of

    temperature, overload and voltage sag/swell issues. Data points include:

    - Fault phase indication

    - Fault magnitude

    - Fault duration

    Network Vault Transformer Monitoring

    TransformerIQ addresses the need to affordably monitor multiple-transformers in

    rooms or cabinets—with discrete data for each individual transformer.

    - Rogowski coil or CT current sensing

    - Voltage monitoring isolates at 300v (L-N)

    - Provisions for smart grid mesh radios

    Small Power Transformer Monitoring

    Get the benefits of substation transformer monitoring for the small power transformer in an

    extremely cost-effective package designed for retrofit.

    - All operational and fault information captured with feeder sensing

    - Measures up to four temperatures at different locations (e.g., top and bottom oil, ambient, etc.) on multiple tanks (optional)

    - Calculated hot spot temperatures on all monitored windings

  • OPTIMIZER3 HV Circuit Breaker Monitor
    The OPTIMIZER3 enables

    1. Asset life extension
    2. Reduced Truck Rolls
    3. Improved planning to avoid overtime and night-time service calls
    4. EPA compliance for SF6
    5. Reduced off-line breaker testing


    INCON Division of Franklin Grid Solutions


    30 Years of Breaker Monitoring Hardware Experience in Every Box

    New Edge-Intelligence Feature makes integration easy-

    Send alert texts to appropriate stakeholder directly, no SCADA DNP mapping needed

    High Quality 5 Year Warranty

    Monitored Input Power AC or DC Input Voltage is Logged and Stored

    Five Control Signal Inputs, Easily Configured for IPO or Ganged Mechanisms

    All Inputs Fused and Optically Isolated

    Five Powered 4-20 ma Sensor Inputs

    Three Dual-Mode Sensor Inputs 4-20 ma or Digital Multi-Parameter

    Trip Coil Identifier Fault/Switching Threshold Logs Primary Line Current

    Built-in Temp Sensor Ambient Temperature is Measured and Logged

    Master & Slave RS-485 Connections Used for Addressable Sensors and Legacy Scada RTUs

    All Connections are Made to Pluggable Phoenix Connectors

    No Software Required Secure HTTPS Web-Server

    Multi-Level Passwords DNP 3.0

    Offers Over 1000 Points

    Internal WI-FI Capability with External Antenna

    USB Port for Data Uploads, Downloads, and Firmware Upgrades; Supply Power to Accessories

    Ethernet RJ-45 and/or Fiber Communication

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