The Surprising Synergy Between Circadian Lighting and Ancillary Grid Services

  • Session Number:T4 S4 P3
Thursday, February 15, 2018: 11:45 AM - 12:15 PM


Francis Rubinstein
RubyLight Consulting
United States


Circadian lighting is the fledgling practice of adjusting the intensity and spectrum of LED lighting to improve circadian entrainment and achieve other positive health outcomes. But light levels that are high enough to achieve a biologically-significant effect will spike the building lighting power levels, at least for a few hours a day. In the future, though, when renewables are a significant percentage of the energy mix, it may curiously become less expensive to use more electric power during the day because of inefficiencies in the emerging electricity grids’ load profiles. Future ancillary grid services will eventually make it practical to use more electricity during the times of day when higher power levels are required for circadian lighting. This presentation will discuss the synergy between circadian lighting and ancillary grid services including advice to manufacturers as to how to practically incorporate these advanced operational strategies into their lighting control solutions.



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