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Value of Penetration Testing

  • Session Number:T3 S5 P1
Thursday, March 02, 2017: 1:45 PM - 2:15 PM


Paul Jauregui
Vice President, Marketing
United States


Joining the Internet of Things adds many new layers of complexity to any smart lighting environment. New technologies, existing technologies working together in new ways, limited standards and competing protocols all add to the challenge of delivering a secure connected product to the market. By now, you know that applying “security by design” throughout the development lifecycle is essential. Penetration testing activities are performed at the end of that cycle to identify vulnerabilities in a products final configuration and should serve as verification that security controls were designed and implemented effectively. Praetorian’s IoT business lead, Paul Jauregui, will share five practical takeaways that are fundamental to effectively engaging in and maximizing the value of penetration testing. This ultimately translates into business value in the form of 1) reduced reputational risk and increased brand protection for consumer-facing smart lighting companies, 2) sales enablement for smart lighting solutions companies selling into enterprise and 3) mission-critical assurances for intelligent lighting systems being deployed in tomorrow’s smart cities. Today’s security enables tomorrow’s technological progress.