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The Last Mile of Perfection: The Spatial Tuning of Artificial Light

  • Session Number:T2 S1 P1
Wednesday, March 01, 2017: 10:30 AM - 11:00 AM


Brent York
President and CEO
LensVector, Inc.


In the age-old symbiosis between lighting practitioners and architects, the lighting practitioners will argue, “Without light, there is no architecture.” However, before there were artificial light sources and lighting practitioners, ancient architects studied how natural daylight continuously changed, and they adapted their construction works to leverage this changing light in service to their patrons. 
Today, we are on the threshold of that last mile leading us to the perfection of lighting using artificial sources. While we mastered dimming long ago and then mastered color tuning more recently, it really wasn’t until the last few years that SSL sources became small and powerful enough to be leveraged in systems that could be spatially tuned.
This talk will look at the convergence of technologies including controls and sensing, and the compelling role offered by optics and novel system designs that enable spatial tuning.