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UV LED Technology: Driving Innovation in Healthcare and Consumer Health

  • Session Number:T1 S5 P1
Thursday, March 02, 2017: 1:45 PM - 2:15 PM


Robert Walker
CEO & President
United States


Applications that depend on ultraviolet wavelengths below 365nm have not benefited from the advances in InGaN-based LEDs for solid-state lighting. It’s well understood that wavelengths less than 300nm have great germicidal efficacy. However, the go-to mercury lamps used today for water treatment and against pathogens have downsides: they contain mercury, are fragile, short-lived, and bulky. They are analog relics with life cycle costs and benefits that don’t match what’s possible with today’s advanced deep UV LEDs. LED material design and fabrication techniques have enabled extension of the spectrum to germicidal wavelengths of 280nm and below in volume production. This has given rise to “Disinfection Grade” UV LEDs and the ability to develop new solutions to address water and surface disinfection in professional and consumer applications, as well as the reduction of healthcare acquired infections.  UV LEDs offer the ability to improve the health and safety of literally billions around the world.