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A Reference Light-Source for Demonstration and for Test Equipment Verification of Temporal Light Artifacts

  • Session Number:T2 S2 P2
Wednesday, March 01, 2017: 1:45 PM - 2:15 PM


Pierre Beeckman
Senior Standards & Regulations officer
Philips Lighting


‘Temporal Light Artefacts’ (TLAs) is the umbrella term used to denote effects resulting from light modulations that may be visible and disturbing to humans. Flicker and stroboscopic effect are the main phenomena of Temporal Light Artefacts. In the past years, a diversity of terms is used and various metrics have been launched to specify TLAs. Also much effort is devoted to the metrology aspects of these TLA metrics. Philips Lighting has developed a compact TLA reference light source – a ‘TLA refrad’ (TLA reference radiator) – that is instrumental to support the demonstration of the different TLA effects and metrics. The TLA refrad can generate many different light waveforms having different shapes and magnitudes. For each waveform also the levels of the metrics PstLM and SVM which are used to objectively quantify flicker and stroboscopic effect are exactly known. With the waveforms of this TLA refrad, different levels of flicker and stroboscopic effect and the key influence quantities can be demonstrated convincingly. The TLA refrad is also used within Philips Lighting as a reference light source for integral verification of the performance of the TLA-test facilities on a daily basis. This paper outlines the development of this TLA refrad, and its usage for demonstration of TLAs and for quality assurance of TLA test facilities will be shown.