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PANEL: Wireless Technologies for Indoor Lighting Control and Lighting-based IoT: What is Needed and What is Possible

  • Session Number:T3 S3 P1
Wednesday, March 01, 2017: 3:30 PM - 5:00 PM


Ethan Biery
Design and Development Leader
Lutron Electronics
United States
Jay Shuler
Director, Global Product Marketing
Xicato Inc.
United States
Michael Poplawski
Senior Lighting Engineer
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
United States


This panel begins with a discussion by Michael Poplawski (PNNL) of the kinds of applications, features, and technical requirements anticipated by those considering the use of Lighting as a foundation for the Internet of Things in commercial, industrial, and institutional spaces. Each speaker to follow will provide a perspective on one or more of the wireless technology solutions being promoted in the marketplace. This session will be information rich, and will include demonstrations of multiple technology approaches. Users will learn about IoT applications, and the inherent capabilities and limitations of different wireless technologies, including Bluetooth, Zigbee, Wifi, Thread, 802.11ah, cellular, and low-frequency proprietary solutions. They will see clear displays of how those capabilities match up the the requirements laid down by Mr. Poplawski. One goal of this session is to stimulate conversation, debate, and new information from the audience.