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The Truth about Circadian Lighting

  • Session Number:T1 S1 P2
Wednesday, March 01, 2017: 11:00 AM - 11:30 AM


Robert Soler
Vice President Human Biological Technologies and Research
Biological Innovation and Optimization Systems, LLC
United States


This talk will dive into what is currently known about circadian lighting, sleep and performance. It will cover how different spectrums and spatial distributions can impact the circadian clock and other neural mechanisms in our brain which govern these performance gains. This talk is designed to have varying levels of depth. Touching on high level concepts and take-aways as well as neurological underpinnings and rationale for why each concept makes sense. This talk will also talk about the other non-image forming effects of light, such as pupillary light reflex and discuss how this folds into the whole scheme of circadian lighting. People who attend this talk will walk away with a high level understanding of circadian lighting in a practical, yet quantitative manner. They will also have the ability to speak intelligently to clients about what circadian lighting is and why it is important.


Key words that audience will be able to add to their circadian vocabulary as a result of this talk:
-Wake Maintenance Zone
-Cortisol Awakening Response