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Human-Centric Lighting Based on Daylight Replication

  • Session Number:T1 S4 P1
Thursday, March 02, 2017: 10:45 AM - 11:15 AM


Steve Paolini
Telelumen LLC
United States


An underpinning of human centric lighting (HCL) is the cycle of daylight. The spectral power distribution of daylight is complex and changes with time. In addition, its chromaticity is typically not on the black body locus due to atmospheric and terrestrial effects. One approach to HCL is to record daylight with a spectrometer in many situations and use these recordings as references to produce time varying scripts that replicate the spectral characteristics and timing of actual daylight. These time varying scripts can then be played back on specially designed luminaires with sufficient spectral resolution to reproduce the desired fidelity of the original file. Many such scripts are useful because of the wide variety of daylight across the earth and throughout the year. This talk will give examples of daylight data collected from around the world and resulting compositions of light scripts that can be replayed on spectrally tunable luminaires.