Demonstration of Transactive Load Management Signals and Systems for California’s Integrated Transmission and Distribution Grid (#D0511)

  • Room: 217B
Wednesday, January 24, 2018: 1:30 PM - 3:30 PM


Edward Cazalet
TeMix Inc.
United States
Session Chair
Forrest Small
Senior Managing Director
Black & Veatch Management Consulting LLC
United States
Girish Ghatikar
Technical Executive
Electric Power Research Institute
United States
Panel Moderator+
H. Walter Johnson
Technical Executive
United States
Jill E. Powers
Infrastructure and Regulatory Policy Manager
California Independent System Operator
United States
John Anderson
Director of Energy Markets
United States
Mark S. Martinez
Senior Portfolio Manager
Southern California Edison
United States


Evaluate this session. 

The transformation of the electric grid contributes to a need for expanded balancing, which may be provided by demand response (DR) resources responding to system needs in real time. Information and communication technologies that leverage consumer load flexibility can provide a unique value proposition in support of grid operations. This panel focuses on a unique set of coordinated projects in California that investigate the use of common statewide load management signals for both supply- and demand-side DR. The integrated signaling framework and load management techniques use existing practices to accelerate acceptance and adoption. The key question this panel addresses is: How can the design and operation of transactive signals and systems integrate supply- and demand-side markets in California? The panelists’ discuss the development of new practices for widespread adoption of economics-driven transactive technologies and systems for an integrated electric grid.



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